New Technology Empowers Patients


VirtueSense Balance provides evidence based standardized testing to perform root cause analysis for falls. VSTBalance objectively identifies balance, gait and functional deficits of residents upon admission or outpatient (where applicable), sets targets based on population normative data, and tracks and measures outcomes. Please contact the Rehab Services Manager at Signature HealthCARE of Erin for more information!

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Elder’s Baskets


Signature HealthCARE of Erin Elder’s made 32 Easter baskets to give to the children at Highland Rim Head start. They enjoyed playing ball with the children and watching them. We’re hoping this will be a every other week event, so the children learn our Elders and they all form great relationships.

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Emerald Queen Pageant


Erin celebrates its Irish heritage every year with a huge celebration. The celebration starts with pageants, kick off breakfast, carnivals, concerts, golf & bass tournaments. Our Emerald Queen pageant is one of the most popular events that everyone waits for. The event is a collaboration with Houston County Recreation Club and Signature HealthCARE.

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SHC of Erin Earns Industry Honor

Advanced gold-qapi

Providigm’s Embracing Quality Awards Program recently awarded our team with its Advanced Accreditation honor and the Embracing Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction. The industry award recognizes skilled nursing centers across the United States and Canada for achieving outstanding quality outcomes. Providigm’s Quality Assurance Performance Improvement program awards accreditation to top performing nursing homes and centers for a commitment to quality and excellence.

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Veterans Enjoy Painting Class

Sonya Amber’s with a Veterans Group called After Deployment. Comes 1 time month to assist our Veterans with Painting. As you can see, the elders really enjoy themselves.

An Inspiring Stakeholder Testimonial

For National CNA Week, our Admissions and Marketing Director shared her testimonial with us about why she loved being a CNA.

Robin Lyle said, “This may sound like a sad story but it isn’t. I have been with SHC Erin for almost 21 years. I have done many jobs and one of them is a CNA. Every day there was this little man who met me at the door and would say, ‘Robbie pray for me today.’ So I would stop and say a prayer. In 2006 my son Cody, who also worked here, was killed in a tragic car accident. I was off for about 2 weeks. The day I returned that little man was standing at the door, tears rolling down his face. I opened the door and he said, ‘Robbie I need to pray for you today.’ I realized at that moment, I needed them just as much as they needed me.”

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A Night on Bourbon Street

We celebrated prom this year New Orleans style. Our décor included cardboard streetscape made by QOL team, Bourbon Street balconies, masks and fleur de lis balloons. We had great food and jazz music. Our main dining room looked like we were walking down Bourbon Street ready to celebrate Mardi Gras.

The Elders started preparing weeks in advance. Finding just the right dress, suit and most important the perfect date! Hair styles and make up was discussed daily in the beauty shop. Formal invitations were sent to families and friends of the community. The Elders help with making table pieces, making balloon arch and as always their great advice.

After many hours of getting the décor and food just right, it was time to get the night started. The Elders arrived in formal dresses and suits with their dates and families on their arms. They enjoyed listening to the jazz music until requesting dancing music! The Kind and Queen were voted on and finally revealed. Our King and Queen have been married for 70 years, and they were honored to have been chosen. They danced together while everyone cheered them on. They danced, ate and visited with family and friends for many hours.

We had one Elder that was calling herself a “cougar” and telling everyone she had the youngest date. She had asked one of our 17 year old hospitality aides for her date. He accepted not really know what he might be getting into but wanting to give a special night. He made sure their outfits matched and brought her a gorgeous corsage that night. They set at their own table, he served her punch and prepared her plate, he was the perfect date. They had been dancing during the night but when the crowd had thinned she wanted to get out her wheelchair, stand and dance. He wheeled her on the floor, helped her up out of her wheelchair and then he held her while they swayed to the music! All you could see was a great big smile and you knew at that moment she was just like anybody else dancing the night away at her very own prom!

“It is a great night for everyone, Elders, caregivers and families. With all the décor, food and music, it takes them away from reality to a place where wonderful memories are made.” – Lisa Moore

“Watching the Elders of this home smile and enjoy themselves on a regular basis just brings joy to everyone’s heart.” – Barry Cotton

The Emerald Queens Pageant

The Annual Irish Celebration is a big deal here in Erin. Each year, our lovely ladies participate in the Emerald Queens Pageant. This year we had nine ladies participate, and as you can see they had the best time. Everyone that attends says it is the best pageant ever.

Our winner was Dorothy Sammons, first runner up was Sandra Bristow, second runner up was Betty Weber, and third runner up was Gail Garmon.

Laurel’s Night Out

erin laurel

We all have things that we take for granted and don’t even realize it. When Mrs. Laurel got a call from her daughter that her granddaughter’s last basketball game and Senior appreciation was coming up, she didn’t even consider going, she was excited for her granddaughter. However, Mrs. Laurel’s heart felt heavy. She knew how important this event would be to her granddaughter, and since her stroke, she had missed many things in her grandchildren’s lives. Mrs. Laurel wanted to go, so she did what she always does when she has a problem: she prayed and then took the problem to  Administrator Barry Cotton. She asked if there would be a way that she could go see her granddaughter play, watch her be announced as a senior, and go to the banquet afterwards. Barry went to the quality of life department and made it happen.

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