Elections for the office of Tennessee State Senate will consist of a primary election on August 7, 2014, and a general election on November 4, 2014. Candidates came out to SHC-Erin to talk about their goals and engage everyone for their vote!

Administrator Barry Cotton said it was the largest voter turnout at Erin with 51 residents casting votes.Cotton said the past two weeks were pretty intense with candidates talking about issues and trying to court votes. “You could see the elders feeling value and purpose as they know their votes are powerful in this local election with some tight races.” Our elders flexed some political muscle!

The dialogue they had was engaging and sometimes very direct with the candidates relating to issues they felt were important. They have met with candidates for state, house, senate, judges, county mayor, city mayor, sheriff, county commissioners, and city alderman.

Raising political awareness and having our voices heard at all levels of government is key and we know we can make a difference!

We hear quite often “my vote doesn’t matter” or “my vote doesn’t count,” but with just about every position up for election, candidates openly discussed that 50 plus elders and 100 plus stakeholders “could determine the race.”