SHC ERIN Spring Fling


On April 16th, elders and staff headed on an adventure.  On our first stop we visited The Home Place at Land between the Lakes. The elders really enjoyed learning some history. They talked about things there  they had used at their grandparents’ homes.  The home had things that several remember having–a breezeway, corncob checkers, and an old Iron Wood Stove.  It gave our elders a great deal to discuss.

After leaving the Home Place, we traveled on to a place called Patti’s Settlement. We went in sat down and had an amazing lunch. From burgers to fillets they ate ’til they could eat no more. Oh, and lets not forget the flowerpot bread and strawberry butter.  At the end of the meal, I asked around the table what everyone liked most about that day. Each elder stated the best thing about the day was just being together with friends, laughing, and having fun.