An Inspiring Stakeholder Testimonial

For National CNA Week, our Admissions and Marketing Director shared her testimonial with us about why she loved being a CNA.

Robin Lyle said, “This may sound like a sad story but it isn’t. I have been with SHC Erin for almost 21 years. I have done many jobs and one of them is a CNA. Every day there was this little man who met me at the door and would say, ‘Robbie pray for me today.’ So I would stop and say a prayer. In 2006 my son Cody, who also worked here, was killed in a tragic car accident. I was off for about 2 weeks. The day I returned that little man was standing at the door, tears rolling down his face. I opened the door and he said, ‘Robbie I need to pray for you today.’ I realized at that moment, I needed them just as much as they needed me.”

Thank you, Robin, for all you do and for sharing your story with us.