Emerald Queen Pageant


Erin celebrates its Irish heritage every year with a huge celebration. The celebration starts with pageants, kick off breakfast, carnivals, concerts, golf & bass tournaments. Our Emerald Queen pageant is one of the most popular events that everyone waits for. The event is a collaboration with Houston County Recreation Club and Signature HealthCARE.

We had 10 ladies competing for the title of Emerald Queen. We start weeks in advance shopping for dresses, trying out new hair do’s and make up. The ladies and their families were excited the closer the date came. It is the all the talk in our neighborhoods.

The day of the pageant starts early with preparation for their big night. The event takes place at the Erin high school forum. The ladies are always surprised at seeing every seat filled. They start with a parade of beauties, then individual walks and they all get to share their wisdom with the crowd. It is always easy for them to talk because the emcee for the pageant is our Administrator, Barry Cotton and he has a way that makes them comfortable on stage. Finally it comes to what they all have been waiting for! Who will be crowed Emerald Queen?

This year’s Emerald Queen is Clara Mobley, 1st place is Argylene Chapman, 2nd place Eva Colburn, 3rd Pat Sykes and 4th place Bea Brewer. They all had huge smiles with winning crowns, flowers, and trophies. All our ladies receive crowns and flowers, because they are all beauty Queens! The night is wrapped up with sharing a meal with family, friends and members Houston County Recreation club.