Music and Memory

Music is a very important part of life. It has been studied and found that those with Dementia related illnesses respond to music. Personal events that are associated with music can be triggers with feelings of loneliness, depression, and other related emotions. Music helps to remember precious memories, such as wedding, first dates, church etc.

The Chaplain along with Quality of Life Department plan activities with music, such as daily devotional, music on the porch, exercises and radio’s in rooms. We are very excited we are getting the opportunity to go for training for a program called Music and Memory. You can look this up at Our Chaplain, Quality of Life, Marketing Director, Behavioral Manager, Social Service Director are some of us that will be trained. We are looking to partner with a Volunteer from our community to help with this project.

We are always looking to enhance the lives of our resident’s here at Signature Health Care of Erin. We encourage you to visit the music and memory website. If you are interested in becoming a part please contact David Steppee our Chaplain, Tatum Lyle our Quality of Life Director, Robin Lyle our Marketing Director.