Positive outcomes with Music & Memory

We are seeing so many wonderful results from our Music and Memory program and are very excited about the difference it is making in the lives of our Elders.

We feel our Elders are receiving a better Quality of Life as a result this music adventure. It is such a Blessing to spend time with them as they sing along to their favorite songs. Even to see them smiling because their personalized music is playing for them on an IPod. I personally have witnessed their entire body relaxing and breathing seems to just claim down as they play their songs. I enjoy seeing their emotions change and their eyes light up as the music begins. Nothing is better than to see them Smile.

Stakeholders are excited by Music and Memory and results they are witnessing first hand. Often they will request for the music to remain with the Elders as they care for them during their shifts. One particular day a Stakeholder expressed to me how an Elder had changed right before her eyes. The Elder would often sleep during her day without any verbal communications. However, the CNA almost could not contain her excitement as she witnessed the elder smiling, humming, talking and making eye contact; this was truly a very emotional moment for all of us.


Contact Robin Lyle or David Steppee if you are interested in assisting with the Music and Memory program here in our Elders home at 931-289-4141. We are looking for positive volunteers who enjoy spending quality time with some very wonderful people. You may come visit them with the thought of making a difference in their lives. However, I believe you will find, volunteering will change your  life forever.