My father has been at Signature Health Care of Erin since January of 2008.  I have seen so many improvements since he’s been there, staff has come and gone but always their dedication has been tremendous.  My first impression on driving up to the facility wasn’t very good in 2008, but the new landscape, lights and new grass have made a big difference. It now has the look of care with that you get impression that your loved one on the inside is being taken care of. I look forward to other proposed changes. I have gotten to know several residents and wish I were closer so that I could volunteer more of my time.  On occasions when I’ve been there I’ve been impressed with the devotional every morning and how he residents look forward to that. I like the way the residents are in charge of it, and how they enjoy the participation. I commend Bro. Steppee for the job he is doing.  The outings have been wonderful. My dad enjoyed the fishing trips and other outings they’ve taken. Tatum has done an excellent job in planning entertainment for them.  The rest of the staff have been exceptional in understanding that we have a loved one there and when we have to bring as problem to their attention they are always very receptive.   There is always room for improvement in any facility, but I feel Mr. Cotton is headed in the right direction and has already done a tremendous job in taking to a higher level of care than has ever been offered in this community. Many thanks to him. I wish it wee possible to have dad at home, but since it isn’t I can think of no other place that he would be more cared for. Thank you all very much.


Linda Tanner Carothers