My mother is a resident her and my grandmother was here the last four years of her life.  My grandmother lived to be 100 and wanted to be a help to others, even 100.  A kind word to encourage others. To have a friend you must first be a friend. I saw first how the residents and staff become like an extended family.  I was encouraged by their acts of kindness, showing love, not just doing a job.

Today I try to visit my mother as often as I can. I am always greeted by friendly staff. I am encouraged by their efforts to make today brighter.

A few years ago ask the Lord to help me with playing the piano, and he has. I feel like the Lord wants me to use my playing to be an encouragement to others and lift up the name of Jesus. I come to be a blessing, but always receive more than a blessing.

The residents still have so much to give of themselves. You can see the joy of the Lord on their faces when they smile, sing or just listen as the songs are sung. It encourages me to hear prayer request for their families, our community our leaders & our soldiers.  I am thankful for the staff that makes the extra effort to bring the ones that want to come down to sing a few songs and pray together. A smiling face always brightens a day I’m glad to see the staff wearing those smiles. I am thankful that we have a nice facility in our community that provides good care with a smile.


Gilda Clark