Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received at Signature Health Care o Erin. Every single one of my needs were met with smiles and enthusiasm. The place is very clean and neat, the food was wonderful. I couldn’t have ask for a better place to rehabilitate. The nursing staff was always there when I needed them, the housekeepers and kitchen staff were great. I was so impressed by the beautiful gardens that that I could look out to see and the love that went into keeping them.  The spiritual devotion every morning in the dining room was uplifting and inspiring and I believe made a difference in my recovery. I was very hesitant at first when the mention of a “nursing home” was made, but I thank Go I found such a wonderful place that literally turned my life around. I am home now and doing better than I have in 2 years, and I have Signature Health Care of Erin to thank for that.

Carrol & Marilyn Lyle