Lois Gallivan Family

I am writing to share with you my appreciation and highly regarded respect that I hold for your facility. My mother was in this facility a year ago and when my 88 year old mother-in-law became ill my husband and I highly recommended this facility to his other family members for their mother’s placement.

Robin Lyle, with admissions, made the transition from the former placement to Signature a pleasant one. She had all paperwork in place and ensured that my brother-in-law who is the P.O.A was well informed of each and every detail of the process and was agreeable, as well as, pleased with the policies. She completed the process by offering her continual services during and following our family member’s placement. What more could one want?? She bonds well and develops lasting relationships with her clients.

Then we moved into the Reflection’s Wing. This is where you find the best nursing staff in the state of Tennessee under the supervision of Nurse Joyce Warfield. She and her staff are so professional and knowledgeable while administering treatment to the residents as if they were their own family members. Nurse Joyce told my husband and I as she sat on a bed next to my mother-in-law that she was available 24/7 if we ever needed anything. This was said from the heart. This was not just words that she recited to all clients. I felt the love and sincerity. Nurse Dana calls me at home if there are declines or updates that I need to know on days that I am not able to visit. On days that I am at Signature, Nurse Joyce, Nurse Dana, Nurse Billie, and Nurse Debbie all are so friendly and procide me with any new updates and always with their smiling faces ask if there is anything they can do for me. Wow! As if they don’t have enough to do!! You have so many wonderful CNA’s. Nellie, Tasha, Ketherine, to name a few are really wonderful hard workers who love their residents and connect and develop great working relationships with the families. Nellie has been such an inspiration to me. She was here when my mother was here when my mother was here and she knows how hard this is on me to see another one of my family members suffer and go through their last days here on earth. Your Speech Therapist, Brittany, is a sweetheart and a trooper. She is exceptional at her job. Praise God that she and all the others on your staff don’t give up when one thing/task doesnt work. The Occupational and Physical Therapist staffs have worked diligently attempting to accomplish the goals they established. Some were met and then there would be physical set backs on the part of my mother-in-law. But, praise God, the O.T and P.T. would step back, regroup, and punt again. I stand amazed at the variety and amount of stimulating activities available to the resident, especially those in the Reflection Wing. Ms. Judy and Mr. Frank are constantly involved coordinating and involving the residents in hands-on-activities, outdoor animal petting area, crafts, gardening, community outings, field trips (ex.Hayride), a variety of programs, and so many others. It is a wonderful and fulfilling day when I am able to volunteer and assist them during a craft activity.

The residents love the new facility pet dog. It along with the other adopted animals is such an asset to the facility. The opportunity to ineract with and to be outside with live animals is valuable to their self-worth and happiness. The same applies to the garden area. One can’t imagine any better therapy or medication than planting a garden and then being able to sit down and enjoy a mean prepared from your labor. This is what many of these residents can relate to. However, this isnt’ work for them now-this is living. This is something they can still do!!

I commend you and your staff for such high standards and the ability to provide exemplary services with love and dedication. It is so reassuring to know that when you exit the doors that your love one is in such competent care. Please know that you are blessed to have such a wonderful, dedicated, and professional staff that deserves more praise than what I can offer. My husband’s family and I are so thankful that their mother is able to be a recipient of your staff’s blessings.