Positive outcomes with Music & Memory

We are seeing so many wonderful results from our Music and Memory program and are very excited about the difference it is making in the lives of our Elders.

We feel our Elders are receiving a better Quality of Life as a result this music adventure. It is such a Blessing to spend time with them as they sing along to their favorite songs. Even to see them smiling because their personalized music is playing for them on an IPod. I personally have witnessed their entire body relaxing and breathing seems to just claim down as they play their songs. I enjoy seeing their emotions change and their eyes light up as the music begins. Nothing is better than to see them Smile.

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Music and Memory


Music is a very important part of life. It has been studied and found that those with Dementia related illnesses respond to music. Personal events that are associated with music can be triggers with feelings of loneliness, depression, and other related emotions. Music helps to remember precious memories, such as wedding, first dates, church etc.

The Chaplain along with Quality of Life Department plan activities with music, such as daily devotional, music on the porch, exercises and radio’s in rooms. We are very excited we are getting the opportunity to go for training for a program called Music and Memory. You can look this up at musicandmemory.org. Our Chaplain, Quality of Life, Marketing Director, Behavioral Manager, Social Service Director are some of us that will be trained. We are looking to partner with a Volunteer from our community to help with this project.

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Visiting Mules

We want to provide our Residents with every opportunity to enjoy life, by meeting all their needs. One resident here raised mules. He talked about them all the time. Their names are John & Kate. So we got together with one of our Maintenance men Randy. we took Mr. Dew out to see John & Kate. He and Mr. Dew talked about the mules and he and Randy used to coon hunt. He really enjoyed going home to see his mules. He also loves our Alpaca’s and our Dog Daisy Mae. Our plans are to take him back to see his mules in the near future.

The Strength of the Team is each individual and the strength of the individual is the Team:

One of the strongest members of our Signature team is Pauline Hackett who has been a stakeholder here at SHC for 41 years. I am delighted to say that Pauline will celebrate her 81st birthday on April 30th. Pauline says, “I thank the Lord everyday, for giving me good health so I can still work and do what I do everyday. I enjoy my job and being able to help the residents. The residents and the staff are like family. I Love all of them. I feel like this is why I can still keep working. They keep me going. I give Thanks to God everyday for my health that I can still work and help the Residents I still love helping anyone I can.”

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Today’s Quote

The Strength of the Team is each individual member….. The Strength of each member is the Team. Phil Jackson

This Quote says to me: In life we all matter we are all important and everyone is special in this game called Life. Chaplain David Steppee

A word from Chaplian

2Cor.8 [12] For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.

God is able to provide the assistance we may need to overcome anything in this life we may face. From emotional situations to even our deepest weakness, God is looking for us to accept in our minds and hearts that, we truly can live the abundant life He has promised to those who love Him.

In the Book of Judges God chose Gideon to deliver Israel from the hand of their enemy however Gideon lived in fear and denial. God told Gideon you are a mighty man in Me and commanded him to build an army. In the beginning, his Army was over 32,000 strong, but then the Lord said, I can’t save you because your army is too great. Sometimes we can look to ourselves and our own abilities and miss the victory God has prepared for us.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day November 11th, Our Chaplain David Steppee along with John Smoker Restorative Manager, Barry Cotton Administrator & Lisa Allen a PTA, took six of our Elder Veterans to three separate celebrations honoring their service to our country. We went to Erin Elementary School where the children had a program honoring the veterans of our community.

From there, the veterans were treated to lunch at a local restaurant, where they enjoyed the “all American meal”, burgers and fries and then were given gifts and ask to sign autographs. Then in partnership with our local Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at the Houston County High School for their first Veterans Day Celebration in years. Lisa Allen and John Smoker sang, John spoke to the teens about what an honor it is to serve your country.

We returned to the Elder’s home and had a facility wide celebration, where all of our Veterans were acknowledged and presented certificates for their service. We are very honored to have so many great Veterans that live with us here at SHC of Erin. We are partners with the local American Legion and the VFW/DAV of Houston & Stewart Counties. We are having upcoming Christmas Celebrations, as well as monthly meeting along with a meal prepared by our kitchen held here at our facility with the American Legion where Our Veterans attend. This is a great and effective service that SHC of Erin provides.

Meet Our Chaplain

Our Chaplin is Bro. David Steppee. From praying with those who need prayer, to Performing a Wedding here at SHC of Erin. David is always there to meet the spirit needs of our Residents & Staff. Our facility is always willing to step out and help wherever needed. Not only does our Family here along with David help here at our Home, He also looks to our community for needs. We are all about doing the right thing. David leads us on a spiritual journey that we may not have received elsewhere. Thank you David