Excellence in Food Service

Our dietary department received the ‘Go for the Gold’ award from Crandall. This is such an honor! Great job to Alice Marshall and her staff.

Added Leaves to Our Eden Tree

We’re celebrating our success by adding 5 more leaves to our Transformation Tree. That makes a total of 36 leaves!
Our Transformation Tree is a process to help streamline the culture change efforts in our home by outlining and providing education on certain measure that must be in place to accomplish and hardwire each culture change practice. Way to go!

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Celebrated Years of Service

We celebrated Friday by giving years of service pins out to our Care Partners. Celebrated was 1 year, 36 years, 3 years, 20th anniversary , 5 years, 15 years, a decade of service, 4 years, 25 years, 2 , 40 years and a first anniversary! This was year’s of service up to 2017. Thanks for all you do and ya’ll ROCK!

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Pinnacle Graduates

We celebrated Pinnacle Level 1 and 2 graduates on Friday. With thirty-three Level 1 and twenty-five Level 2 graduates, we are incredibly proud of their growth.  Congratulations to them all!

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Fighting with Nae

Saint Thomas Mobil Mammogram Bus sets up at SHC Erin! Nae is our Housekeeping Supervisor
and wants everyone to get their annual exam.