ICE! at Opryland

Signature HealthCARE of Erin elders latest adventure took us to eating at the Aquarium, ICE! at Opryland, visiting the Delta Garden and the lights at Opryland Hotel and ending the day at Pizza Hut.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

We had our Annual Thanksgiving meal with our families on Sunday November 18th. We had over 500 family members join us and they all enjoyed a tradition meal with turkey and dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and all kinds of desserts. Families brought their favorite dishes to share with everyone which is always a great hit. Our Elders loved getting to pray, eat and share fellowship with all the families.
This is one of our most memorable and favorite events that we do. There is always joyful tears that fill our eyes and our hearts are filled with thankfulness that we are blessed to be part of our Elders lives.

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Excellence in Food Service

Our dietary department received the ‘Go for the Gold’ award from Crandall. This is such an honor! Great job to Alice Marshall and her staff.

Celebrated Years of Service

We celebrated Friday by giving years of service pins out to our Care Partners. Celebrated was 1 year, 36 years, 3 years, 20th anniversary , 5 years, 15 years, a decade of service, 4 years, 25 years, 2 , 40 years and a first anniversary! This was year’s of service up to 2017. Thanks for all you do and ya’ll ROCK!

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